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november 12, 2019

Exploring AI Beyond Coding

Lately, I decided to gain some more information about artificial intelligence (or aspects touching AI) that doesn’t necessarily include having to code. Reading use cases, understanding future applications and diving a bit more into the whole ethics scene around AI as a topic seems pretty important to me, besides being able to actually ‘build’ AI.

Seeking Theoretical AI Knowledge

The question was: How can I efficiently step up my theoretical AI knowledge. On a rainy day, I went through Reddit (praise the /artificial subreddit) and stumbled upon this linked blog post. Scanning through it one of the AI courses it advised got my attention: ‘AI for everyone’ by The reason this course popped out was that I knew Andrew Ng is one of the co-founders of I remembered Andre Ng’s Youtube videos about Machine Learning from when I was graduating on an AI-related topic. His videos were very clear, even when it came down to the most complex mathematical explanations.


The course is given via Coursera (which Andrew Ng also co-founded), an online paid platform that offers many courses. AI For Everyone contains 4 weeks of lessons bundled in videos. Each week is about 1-2 hours of video material and at the end of each week, there’s an exam in the form of a quiz. Each quiz exists out of 10 or so questions and you will get a grade immediately. At the end of week 4, after passing the last quiz, you will receive a certificate that can be shared via LinkedIn or what ever you prefer.

Course Content and Personal Takeaways

The course itself was very valuable for me because I never really gotten into the business aspects of AI. The ‘why’ for businesses instead of the ‘how’ for developers. It covers topics like biases, job ethics but it also touches AI strategy for CEO’s or how to efficiently build an AI company.

Ethics in AI According to Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng subtly keeps reminding the students to think about ethics when building AI. He also clarifies there is no rational fear to think killer robots is happening anytime soon. He does advise to keep the ball rolling and talk about ethics, including AI-powered weaponry.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It’s a good first course to take if you’re looking for information that covers the topic of AI from a perspective like business and ethics. It also is a great introduction if you never even worked with AI, or if you’re trying to step into the game. I definitely think this course is worth every penny.

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